Our private swimming lessons are tailored towards your personal needs which are analyzed by our expert instructors

Private Lessons

$200 per swimmer for 8 x 30 minute lessons

Private lessons are geared and customized to fit the individual’s needs using custom lesson plans surrounding strengths and weaknesses.

Semi-Private Lessons

$150 per swimmer for 8 x 30 minute lessons

Semi private instruction is a great way to have personalized instruction in a small group setting with friends or siblings around the same level of skill.

Stroke development and adult learning

$200 per swimmer for 8 x 30 minute lessons

Anytime is a good time to learn to swim or even improve your skills and capabilities. What better way to do it than with an expert swim instructor?

Session Dates (King City)

Session 1 (Luke and Hailey): July 3-5 and July 10-13 (35 minute lessons)

Session 2 (Luke and Hailey): July 17-20 and July 24-26 (35 minute lessons)

Session 3 (Luke and Hailey): July 31 to August 3 and August 7-10

Session 4 (Luke and Hailey)|Half Price: August 14-17 (This is a half session of lessons running only for 1 week. Note: Swimmers may not progress as much given the shorter time frame.)

Lessons run from July 3 – August 17 for the 2023 season. All Lessons are delivered within a two week time frame except for session 4. You will be able to choose your preferred time slot for each session. Please contact us if you have any questions!

Let’s Dive Into The Wonderful World of Swimming Together

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